9 May 2019

We are live!

| Alex Tricolas
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Okay People, here we are! We’ve finally got our shit together and launched the website for This is Canberra.

We’d really would like to thank you for hanging in there on our Facebook page over the last couple of years while we collectively navel gazed and scratched our heads wondering what the heck we should do with ourselves and how we could best inform and entertain the growing number of devoted fans (that’s you, right?) in our community, all the while suffering anxiety attacks over the growing number of bloggers and new media types that were muscling in on what we believed was our turf.

Anyway, enough of that self indulgent claptrap, we are here to announce that we are now live! So look out for our posts on everything Canberra. From the streetest street food to the fanciest degustation, from the simplest community knees-up to the poshest highbrow event, we hope to bring it to you as often as we can–which may not be that often, considering our fairly slack-arse record to date.

Love yous all,

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