24 March 2023

Did you know you can get plants delivered in Canberra?

| Morgan Kenyon
Housemates CEO holding plants

Founder/Landlord Dan Cusack highlights his new business: Housemates. Photo: Housemates.

In a city-first, home delivery is now available for Canberrans looking to add quality plant life to their indoor and outdoor spaces.

The founder of promising new start-up Housemates, Dan Cusack, is a horticulturalist and landscaper by trade. The idea for Housemates came to him as he considered the lack of convenient access to greenery for local plant lovers.

“I’ve been building gardens for over a decade,” says the self-proclaimed Plant Man.

“There’s a common saying among landscapers: ‘plant day is the best day’ because it makes us so happy.

“For landscapers, it’s normal to get plants delivered. Once it hit me that the average Canberran couldn’t access exclusively online plant delivery, I knew I could provide an opportunity and a service they’d appreciate.”

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According to Dan, many Canberrans are missing out on a variety of benefits enjoyed by those with plants growing in and around their home.

“Plants don’t just improve air quality – they are basically a living artwork. They grow, change, and evolve alongside us,” he says.

“Houseplants become part of our lives and are integral to the feel of different spaces in our homes. We share our lives with them, and in this way, they become our housemates. So, I think of myself as a landlord. Founding this project has been a real labour of love.”

housemates greenhouse

Housemates provides a convenient home delivery service for local plant lovers. Photo: Housemates.

It’s not all about the aesthetics, however. Particularly important for remote and hybrid workers operating from their homes, indoor plants provide a boost to productivity and mental health.

“Taking a few minutes a week to look after something beautiful is a great way to practice mindfulness, which has become more important to many of us following the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dan says.

“There’s a lot of evidence that humans want to be around greenery on an instinctive level. Adding natural elements to our homes lowers stress levels, helps us focus, and generally improves our mental health.”

With sustainability at the forefront of everything he does, Dan is also passionate about helping people experience the joy of home-grown fruit and vegetables.

“Housemates will also be selling lots of edible plants, which will be suitable for even the smallest of spaces,” he says.

“We stock an awesome product called a Food Cube, which is an easy way for people to get into growing their own food in their home, on the balcony, or out in the courtyard.”

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Dan wants to share his expertise and love for plants with as many people as possible. He says the perception that plants are hard to care for is holding back many potential plant owners.

“Housemates was formed to make every day’ plant day’ and share my passion for plants with fellow Canberrans. The aim is to make adding plants to your home simple, accessible and enjoyable.”

“Lots of people believe they have a so-called brown thumb and won’t have plants, or worse, they buy plastic ones instead,” says Dan.

“I want to remove the obstacles that may stop people from growing plants at home and provide them with the tools, education, and confidence needed to help their new housemates thrive.”

To find out more about the Housemates project, visit getplantsdelivered.com.

Original Article published by Morgan Kenyon on Riotact.


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