13 May 2019

From Simple to Extravagant: Create Your Own Burger at Burger Hero

| Branka Prodanovic
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Create your own freak burger at Burger Hero in Braddon. Photos: @feastoncanberra.

Be your own hero and build the burger you want at Canberra’s very own Burger Hero. Located in the heart of Braddon, this favourite eating spot is putting a creative spin on the classic burger joint.

The menu at Burger Hero offers everything from the very simple to the most extravagant creations on the Canberra food scene thus far.

Kuber and Teja are the creative minds behind Burger Hero and say that it’s a space that offers something for everyone.

“In Canberra, there weren’t many burger places that offered something different. We just wanted to take it to the next level where people can create their own burger and add all the fun stuff like deep fried cheese patties and coloured buns. We are all about giving people lots of options,” Kuber said.

Burger Hero offers a diverse menu with something for everyone.

It is these options and the delicious little extras offered by Burger Hero that gives it its grand name and reputation. Every week a new burger is offered as a special for customers to try, and these burgers are as wild as they get.

Ranging from simple cheeseburgers to freak eight-tiered burgers stacked with everything fried that comes to mind.

“Our freakiest burger was stacked with lettuce, tomato, onion, just the basic salads, then triple fried chicken, double fried cheese patties, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and liquid cheese,” Kuber recalls. “And the guy ate the whole thing!”

While customers are free to create their own freak or plain burger, Kuber and Teja nonetheless put a lot of thought and effort into what they offer.

“We like travelling and so a lot of our inspiration comes from our travels. We’ve had lots of Japanese-inspired burgers because we visited Japan last year. If we see something in our travels and think it has been done well, then we take it with us and modify it to make it our own,” Teja explains. For Kuber, burgers are his go-to food: “every country I have been to, the first thing I always do is go and try a burger at a burger place”.

Kuber and Teja create a menu inspired by all the places they have travelled to.

Burger Hero, therefore, aims to create a stand-out burger experience here in Canberra. This is reflected in the way each burger is produced.

While most burger places serve up fat, juicy patties, Kuber explains that at Burger Hero the patties are actually smashed on the grill through a method called browning. This thins the patties out, applying enough pressure for the meat to cook in its own fat. Not only does the patty crisp slightly along the edges, but it also enhances that crowd-pleasing char flavour.

This is why a majority of the burgers on the menu are offered with two patties instead of one.

Kuber and Teja also like to experiment with the burger buns, offering customers a rather colourful experience. A burger can range from pink to blue, with all buns sourced locally.

One of the quirkiest things about Burger Hero is the colourful buns offered!

“We do really try and incorporate local suppliers,” explains Teja, “we especially have a great baker who has been able to customise our coloured buns”.

Perhaps the Burger Hero’s biggest speciality is its diverse offering that really caters to everybody. For Teja, diversity in food is something she understands too well.

“I remember when I was growing up my mum preferred a vegetarian burger but it was always hard to find one. In places like India they have a lot of options like that and we thought there should be something like that here too. That was the other reason why we had the build-your-own-burger option.”

Currently, Burger Hero have two vegetarian options on the menu, one of them being a vegan burger. Originally launched as a special, the vegan burger proved popular with its can’t-tell-its-not-meat beef patty that mimics the texture and flavour of a real meat patty.

Burger Hero really does offer something for everyone including an epic vegan burger recently added to their menu!

To ensure everyone is well catered for, Burger Hero also have an array of gluten-free options available. As Kuber puts it,

“We just want to cater to everyone because we don’t want people to come here and miss out.”

With talks now of a food truck in the works, Kuber and Teja really have created something extra-special in Canberra’s burger scene.

“Our tagline is not all heroes wear capes. We feel like we are just average 20-year-olds, working in the city, and it’s not that we’ve done anything special but we just wanted to provide something that we thought was special for us.”

Burger Hero is located at 31 Mort St, Braddon. They are open everyday from 11:30 am and closed Sunday. Visit the website for more information or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Original Article published by Branka Prodanovic on the RiotACT.

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