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10″ Custom Pizzeria


According to the guys at 10″ Custom Pizzeria, wood fired pizza is best when it’s done quickly and under high heat—and they get their pizzas out in around two minutes flat, courtesy of the hand built wood fired ovens that roar along at 400 degrees Celsius. Pizza comes in one size; and toppings include artisan fare such as buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto, caramelised pears and smoked provolone cheese. Ordering is innovative, with a make-your-own philosophy what it’s all about here: Line up, choose your sauce, move along, choose your various toppings from the display, pay, buy a beer or a soft drink, wait for two minutes and out comes your pizza. This type of quick and casual service is part of the whole ‘street food’ vibe of The Hamlet. This Lonsdale Street venue is an ultra-hip warehouse-come-garden that 10″ Custom Pizzeria shares with other cool and indie operators, including BrodDogs, Spit Shack and Mr.Papa. Rustic wooden tables are scattered about the venue for those that wish to take in the scene, or grab a take away if you are in a rush. 10″ Custom Pizzeria opens until late, seven days a week, and also does authentic sweet things such as artisan gelato.

The Hamlet
16 Lonsdale Street, Braddon

Street pizza

7 days 12pm–Late

$ 10.0–15.0

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