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Via Dolce


Translating literally as ‘Sweet Street’, this bright and friendly feeling pasticceria sits conspicuously on a sunny corner off Bunda Street, serving house- made gelati to many passers by; and Italian sweets, pizzas, pastas and coffee to those that choose to sit and take in the ambience. Gelato is taken very seriously here. In the warmer months, the gelato bar stays busy from early in the day until quite late into the evening. In fact, it is not uncommon to see quite a crowd here queuing for an icy treat—from families having a pit stop between shopping, young couples on a romantic walk, and the odd busker lingering—adding to a communal atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of the piazzas of Italy. In winter, things are a little more sedate, and the interior becomes a warm refuge from the cold for great breakfasts to house-made pastas and pizzas. Breakfast sticks mostly to the conventional. Expect pancakes with a choice of classic toppings, Bircher muesli, and the expected assortment of egg dishes. An interesting omelette consists of quinoa, shredded chicken and pecorino cheese, and a breakfast sourdough bruschetta is topped with smoked salmon, asparagus and baby spinach. A short list of slow-cooked and homemade pasta dishes is available all day. Lasagne comes in its traditional form, or with Moreton Bay bug meat, crab and prawns; and cannelloni is filled with ricotta, parmesan and butternut pumpkin. Pizza is wood fired, and available from mid afternoon. Margherita keeps it simple with fresh basil, bocconcini and a drizzle of olive oil; gorgonzola cheese makes a pear and prosciutto perfect; and veal ragu is slow cooked and topped with pecorino cheese. But enough! When all is said and done, the imposing sweet display is the star of the show here. Running the length of the room, it is filled with a colourful and mouth-watering selection of treats. Classics like Black Forest and Sachertorte are on offer, along with a multitude of tarts, slices and cupcakes, and some choice Italian biscotti and sponge cakes, perfect to enjoy while watching the world go by and sipping on a coffee.

108 Bunda Street, Canberra City
02 6248 8660


7 days 9am–Late

Italian Pasticceria/Pizza
See menu

$ 4.5–24.0

Fully licensed

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