1 March 2024

How to create a grazing platter to match your favourite wines

| Morgan Kenyon
Lerida Estate wines with grazing board

Grazing boards are an easy-cheesy option to feed the masses, but when it comes to drinks, there are a few points of finesse to master. Photo: Region.

It used to be a statement piece reserved only for the finest of diners, but these days the charcuterie platter, or grazing board, is a staple for everything from low-key home gatherings to extra special events.

From bold reds and aged cheeses to crisp whites and fresh fruits, upping your grazing game is an easy way to provide for every palate, no matter the occasion.

Operations manager at Lerida Estate in Collector, Melisa Morgan knows a thing or two about putting together a platter that will be a smash hit with guests of all kinds. She recommends locking down your food choices before picking out a wine to match.

Colour, smell and texture all play a part in how taste is perceived, so think carefully about placement. That strawberry may not be so tasty if it’s been nestled against smoked salmon, and a wet, stained cracker never goes down well.

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A good rule of thumb, Melisa says, is to balance strong food with soft wine and vice versa.

“The best thing about a grazing board is being spoiled for choice across looks, taste and feel,” she says.

“You can get really creative. Of course include the usual brie, olives, fruit and crackers, but don’t be afraid to pick up that blue cheese you’ve been eyeing off.

“Pickles, stuffed mushrooms, figs, dried fruit, chocolate, shortbread, even lollies … There are so many flavours to explore.”

The allure of a grazing board is, if guests don’t like that spicy capsicum dip, they can easily grab something more to their taste.

Remember to suss out any dietaries ahead of time, though it’s a good idea to have some vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options to choose from anyway.

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Once the food portion is sorted, it’s time to pair the platter with a glass of wine or two. White drinkers should opt for a Riesling or Pinot Grigio for minerality, to refresh the palate without drowning out other flavours.

“Prosecco is also popular for its light and fruity profile,” Melisa says.

“Rose is a pretty safe wine to pair with any sort of daytime grazing, particularly when you’re looking for something sweet yet refreshing. Its gentle profile sits nicely alongside most creamy cheeses, smoked meats, fruit and other charcuterie favourites.”


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If guests enjoy bold red wines like Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, include deeper flavours on the board, such as dark chocolate, chorizo or aged cheeses.

“For lovers of more subtle reds, Tempranillo and Sangiovese are foodie favourites with good reason,” Melisa says.

“They work to highlight the flavour of what you’re eating and are a great option for afternoon or evening grazing, when you might have more savoury flavours on your platter.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix sweet with savoury, or ever sour. Include something a little salty. Create a centrepiece with homemade relish or dip. The more variety the better – your favourite wines will thank you!”

Lerida Estate is located at 87 The Vineyards Road, Collector. Jump online to find out more.

Original Article published by Morgan Kenyon on Riotact.


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