13 May 2019

At home with Magnifik

| Ashley Feraude

Every now and then, when I visit people’s homes they ask me: “So Ashley, why don’t you do a piece on your place?” I usually make a whole bunch of excuses from the humble “look, nobody wants to see my place”, or the OCD “I don’t want anybody to see how my books are not in perfect symmetry“ or even the philosophical, “I am merely the writer, not the subject”.

Well, the truth is, I‘m happy to let you all into my home, but it feels a bit weird to write about myself, so instead, I’m going to visit my alter ego Magnifik.

Magnifik is a music producer and lives in a Turner townhouse with his gorgeous partner Emily, the Online Editor of HOORAY! Magazine. I’ve known him for all his life and he often shows up at my place, mostly in the mirror.

The first thing that strikes you about the home is the distinctive New York styled architecture – white, spacious and exceptionally modern with a large open plan. And when I say “open”, I mean I only counted three doors in the entire place. I’m not sure how this works when Magnifik is producing some musical masterpiece upstairs and his partner is trying to read or work in peace –perhaps earplugs are quite the things here?

Split over thee levels and with a large loft, the place has more glass than the Versailles hall of mirrors. Magnifik clearly likes working in the expansive area of the loft, where the minimalist furnishings are carefully placed to complement the artwork on the walls and the six-metre tall windows.

I happen to know that he won’t read this article so I can be a critic and say that the attention to detail is almost too much, the place looks like it has just been set up for a magazine shoot. Thank goodness his partner has added feminine touches to bring soul into the place, otherwise I could have been mistaken for a mannequin posing in a white asylum.

As I analyse the details of the art, the modern furniture, the various design items and the cool colour palette, it occurs to me that Magnifik is really a lover of aesthetics. The balance of the shapes, colours and textures tell you that his home is a celebration of style, or at least his notion of style. When I ask him about this, he becomes shy and starts watering his plants.

On that note, wow — man there are a lot of plants! Inside, outside, in pots, in jugs, in vases in glasses, spilling from atop of shelves and cabinets … well you get my point. Plants are quite literally littered throughout the house, balancing out the de-saturated tones of the furniture.

This is the only time he pipes up: “So you like the plants?” There is so much beauty in the aesthetics of nature don’t you think?” Who would have thought he was such a softie on the inside? I guess that explains his rather romantic music productions.

I leave Magnifik’s place knowing that I’ll see him soon and it feels good to be able to show you his home.

PS: He asked whether I could plug his new album The Gentleman of Disco, which is now out on iTunes and Spotify. I feel dirty for doing this but it’s the least I could do for such a nice guy.
Words by Ashley Feraude
Photos by Emily Coates and Nick Burrows

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