27 March 2022

The Institutions: Brodburger, Canberra's original burger sensation just keeps getting bigger and juicier

| Michelle Taylor
Joelle and Sascha

Brodburger owners Joelle and Sascha at their Kingston location. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

When I first came to Canberra, I would not have described myself as a foodie; in fact, the opposite would have been true. As a busy mum of three tweens and a toddler, putting anything edible into my mouth felt like a victory sometimes. I didn’t think too much about how food tasted.

Not long after we arrived, though, friends began raving about the little red food truck at Bowen Park with burgers so juicy and delicious that they would happily queue up for their entire lunch break just to bite into one. That food truck was Brodburger!

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By the time I got around to experiencing my own Brodburger, their little red gypsy van had been forced out of Bowen Park and the owners had taken up residency in their current Kingston location. That first mouthful, all those years ago, made a big impression. It is still my favourite lamb burger of all time. I eat it in quite a strange and specific yet extremely satisfying way. One lamb burger topped with melted brie cheese, sans buns, chopped into pieces and eaten with a serving of the char-grilled vegetables alongside some of those dreamy onion rings. Bliss!

Onion rings

The best onion rings I have tasted. I always get mine with house-made aioli. Photo: Supplied.

All these years later, with a more mature palate, I am sitting here at Brodburger with owners Sascha and Joelle. Seated on a table in the outside area that is about to be extended, I slurp on my very first dirty chai as the couple reflects on their beginnings and describes how their business has grown over the years.

The Deluxe Burger

The Deluxe … seriously huge! Photo: Supplied.

These two are hilarious together, cracking jokes and telling stories. It’s hard to believe that Joelle has been out at their other joint venture, Claystone Meats, since before dawn. She says they have been ensconced here in the Kingston location for just over 10 years, and they now have two other booming Brodburger locations.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” Sascha grins, “but it has been a fun journey. I have always loved the industry. My parents had restaurants in Switzerland and in Manly. I grew up with it, really. I have always loved the comfort food aspect of a bite-sized meal.”

Burger and chips

The original Brodburger with brie oozing out of it. Drool! Photo: Kazuri Photography.

Looking down at our burgers, I can see nothing bite-sized about them. I have the lamb burger (obviously), although I am not about to disassemble it as I normally would with its creators watching on. Sascha has added some jalapenos to my burger, which gives it an extra zing and bite. A delectable trail of tzatziki aioli drips down my chin. Happy place! My more attuned tastebuds delight in a Brodburger every bit as much as they did that first time.

Brod’s menu has a burger that is the perfect fit for every mouth. Vegans, gluten-free, fish lovers, mild or spicy, Brodburger has got you covered! The deluxe burger looks like something out of an eating challenge. It is gi-normous! The Broddog looks superb too, overflowing with all the fixins.


A Broddog topped with all the fixin’s. Photo: Supplied.

That Sascha and Joelle own Claystone Meats with business partners Stace and Christian (who also own Claystone Beef), means that they know exactly what goes in their burger patty. They oversee the preparation of the meat themselves, with their own butcher! It is a beautiful partnership between the farmers and the chefs: two family-owned businesses that share a passion for local produce done well.

Lamb burger

My lamb burger bursting with freshness, juicy lamb and topped with lush tzatziki aioli. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

Claystone Meats is in Beard, between Fyshwick and Oaks Estate.

“We sell our meat in supermarkets now and online,” Joelle says. “Everything is fresh: our chill chain maintains the freshness of our product.”

If Kingston feels too far away to go for a burger, Brodburger’s Phillip location is only a year old. You can grab your burger on the side of the road, opposite where Hog’s Breath used to be.

In Fyshwick, Brodburger has made its home inside Capital Brewery, going back to its food van roots.

Dirty chai

My very first dirty chai was at Brodburger! Photo: Kazuri Photography.

“Capital Brewery do the alcohol and we do the food,” Sascha says.

“We don’t go with fads; we just serve pure, healthy burgers. Our biggest seller is the Brodburger and the chicken burger.”

Brodburger is located at 11 Wentworth Avenue in Kingston. It is open from 11 am to 2:30 pm each day for lunch and then from 5 pm to 9 pm for dinners from Monday to Saturday.

You can also find Brodburger deliciousness at 3/1 Dairy Rd in Fyshwick and 91 Hindmarsh Dr in Phillip. Check out the Brodburger menu here and see burger bedazzlement on their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Original Article published by Michelle Taylor on Riotact.

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