11 May 2020

Pets of the Week - Oddball, Cherry and Peach

Sweet pooch Oddball

Sweet pooch Oddball can’t wait to find a family to call her own. Photos: RSPCA ACT.

Meet our lovable Pets of the Week looking for forever homes at the RSPCA ACT Shelter!

This week’s Pets of the Week are adoring greyhound Oddball, and rainbow lorikeets Cherry and Peach

Dog of the Week – Oddball

Strong and athletic, Oddball is a sweet mature-age dog who loves nothing more than stretching her legs and running like the wind! This little lady enjoys the simple things in life. Tennis balls are currently her favourite past time, as she learns each day how to play with other fun toys and puzzles.

Oddball is a darling pooch. She’s open to meeting another dog to live with for company. However, this lady can be particular about the company she keeps so a meet and greet before adoption is a must.

Her favourite day-to-day routine is a morning walk exploring outside. She loves getting out of her kennel and walking in the great outdoors with our volunteers, ending her adventure with a good scratch and some human-pooch time. Oddball has not previously lived inside but could adjust to a luxurious lifestyle with some time and patience while settling in.

Oddball would love nothing more than to be included as a part of the family, spend time on adventures and relaxing together at night time.

Cherry and Peach are flapping their wings in excitement, could you be their perfect match?

Birds of the Week – Cherry and Peach

Cherry and Peach have found themselves at the Shelter due to a change of circumstances and want to find a parrot-experienced home to call their own. Lorikeets aren’t the easiest birds to keep, so it will be important for their new family to be well informed of their needs and requirements.

This dynamic duo are loud little critters who enjoy whispering, talking and screaming their conversations to anyone that will listen. These feathery friends are the best of friends and spend their time gossiping about everyday life.

Cherry and Peach would love to have a large aviary to themselves, or even share their new space with other lorikeets (as long as slow and careful introductions are made). Lorikeets require a special diet, one they currently are on and will need to continue when they leave the Shelter and find forever homes.

This pair love to swing on their toys, shred foliage and, of course, spend time with each other. Cherry and Peach are looking for a super committed family as they could live up to 30 years!

Visit us at 12 Kirkpatrick St, Weston and add a new companion to your life – you won’t regret it!

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