28 February 2022

Miss Mustard's aims to bring smiles to Canberra, one cookie at a time

| Max O'Driscoll
Mmmmmm ... cookies

From every order, Miss Mustard’s Sweet Treats makes a $2 donation to a mental health organisation. Photo: Supplied.

For most people, a cookie is just a delicious snack to have every now and then. For Joss Mustard from Miss Mustard’s Sweet Treats, they mean that little bit more.

“Baking originally started as a way to outlet my mental health issues, mainly through a bad workplace and I was led to baking as a way of communicating to everyone and trying to keep the peace within the business,” Joss said.

“I saw how much things changed and what it gave me. My goal now is to use it to give back.”

Joss began baking nearly 10 years ago. In that time, aside from helping set up another local business as head baker, baking has remained essentially a hobby. It was a way of forming connections with others and a reprieve from the demands of her hospitality job.

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That was until last year when demand suddenly grew and she realised there might be a place for her to do what she loves and pay the bills.

“I just love baking and it’s something that if I knew that my bills would get paid, I’d actually give the cookies away for free, but I’ve been told I can’t do that,” Joss said.

Joss and cookies

Joss message is to have a ‘cookie, cuppa and chat’. Photo: Supplied.

In doing so, she wanted to ensure that her work continued to bring happiness to others which is where her slogan, “let’s have a cookie, a cuppa and chat!” comes from.

“After working in hospitality for so long, I saw how having a chat with someone or just making that small connection with someone can make a huge difference,” Joss said.

“The whole idea behind my cookies is that you either have them yourself, sit with a friend and take five minutes to enjoy a cookie, or send it with someone when you know they’re having a bad day just to make it that little bit better.”

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As well as trying to promote discussions and consciousness around mental health, $2 from every order goes towards a mental health organisation.

Joss drops cookie deliveries with several businesses weekly. She says the reports back so far have been overwhelmingly positive.


Miss Mustard Cookies – a flavour for every occasion. Photo: Miss Mustard website.

“The businesses are getting involved and recommending flavours. Over Christmas, some of them said to me, ‘there is literally now a part in our day for this cookie where we get together and have a chat for five minutes’,” she said.

“Or when someone’s having a bad day, they’ll drop a cookie off at their desk.”

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Miss Mustard’s Sweet Treats were a smash at the Queanbeyan markets on Sunday (20 February). Joss says it reminds her of being back at the pub, bantering with customers.

“I like the fact that I get to see people I don’t usually get to see because I deliver to them and they might come past and I build more connections like that,” she said.

“That’s where I get some of my best feedback about flavours and stuff as well.”

Her most popular cookie flavours include the ‘OG Choc Chip’, ‘Fairy Bread Cookie’ and the ‘Gaytime Cookie’. In February, one of her specials pays homage to a classic Aussie dessert, ‘Milo and Ice Cream’.

To place an order or for more information about the different products on offer, head to the Miss Mustards website.

Original Article published by Max O’Driscoll on Riotact.

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