23 April 2024

If Canberra suburbs were Arnott’s biscuits ...

Did you really grow up in Australia if you didn’t eat all the Kingstons out of a packet of Arnott’s Assorted Creams before your siblings could?

Whether it was a packet of Family Favourites (think Nice, Milk Arrowroot and Choc Ripple) or special occasion packets of chocolate biscuits like Mint Slice or Choc Monte, a packet of Arnott’s biscuits was – and still is – a staple in every Australian pantry.

We decided to take on the challenge of matching Canberra suburbs to their ideal Arnott’s bikkie.

Queanbeyan: Orange Slice

It’s the biscuit people don’t really understand and, if we’re honest, are a little reluctant to try. But once you do, you learn that even though it’s different, it’s still zesty and delicious. Okay, it’s not technically Canberra, but Queanbeyan is our Orange Slice.

Manuka: Monte Carlo

An absolute classic. Like the Monte Carlo, which seamlessly blends traditional coconut biscuits with a fruity buttercream and jam filling, Manuka is just that – a slice of the old and the new working perfectly together. The most cosmopolitan suburb centre in the entire city, Manuka’s classic 1930s buildings are packed with new gastro pubs, eateries and luxury retail stores.

Braddon: Iced VoVo

A delicious strip right down the middle – that’s the Iced Vovo, and it’s also true for Braddon. The Iced VoVo is the one you know everyone will love; bursting with colour, flair and true Aussie spirit. Braddon’s the same: a place you know you’re guaranteed a brilliant beer, meal, gift or gallery, all capturing the very essence of the capital.

Kingston: Kingston (der)

In a packet of Assorted Creams, Kingston is God. The biscuit everyone covets and the most in-demand when the packet is passed around the table at Nanna’s. The same could be said of one of our first – and must lusted after – suburbs, which just happens to have the same name.

The Kingston biscuit is one to be pulled apart and savoured (doesn’t everyone separate the buttery oat biscuits and lick the layer of milk chocolate? Just me?) much like life in Kingston itself: whether you’re living in old Kingston or on the lake’s edge.

Yarralumla: Scotch Finger

Welcome to timeless elegance. Yarralumla boasts wide, leafy streets dotted with stately homes and diplomatic residences. The Governor-General resides here and so do the embassies of the world, delighting in the quiet lifestyle at the edge of the lake.

Where better to serve a cup of English breakfast tea and a Scotch Finger?

Gungahlin: Tiny Teddy

Like the playful Tiny Teddy biscuit, Gungahlin is young, energetic and constantly evolving. What started as a couple of suburbs in the early 2000s (remember when it was just Amaroo, Palmerston and a huge Magnet Mart on the horizon?), Gungahlin now attracts residents from all over the globe. There are plenty of places to play in Gungahlin from the golf club to the Dinosaur Museum, with many venues designed for young children and their families.

Civic: Sao

Okay, Saos are a little bland but hear us out: “Sao brings out the flavour of any food you savour”. This means you can put anything you want on it to make it your own.

Our city centre is quite literally the blank canvas for the events, eateries and retail experiences Canberrans universally adore. From the Multicultural Festival and Winter in the City to old and new shopping precincts and gourmet restaurants, it’s the foundation that brings so many flavours to life.

You can’t beat Civic (or a Sao), that’s a fact.

Red Hill: Shortbread Cream

The biscuit of royalty. Beautifully designed to be a time-honoured classic, this biscuit will be a favourite forever. Just like 2603.

Original Article published by Bree Element on Zango.

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