26 April 2023

First Looks: Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee brings Singaporean hawker classics to Verity Lane

| Lucy Ridge
bowl of noodles with fried wonton, meat, mushrooms and greens

The wantan mee is the signature dish and excellent value indeed. Photo: Lucy Ridge.

Popular food hall Verity Lane has a new vendor serving bowls of delicious, authentic and affordable Singaporean noodle classics.

Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee is owned and operated run by a group of friends who want to invoke the feeling of eating at hawker centres – essentially Singapore’s answer to the food court – usually made up of many small vendors serving a couple of dishes each.

“We are excited to transport our customers to the vibrant hawker centres of Singapore, where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy a variety of delicious street foods in a lively, communal atmosphere,” they explained in a media release.

Lim Peh is a Singaporean colloquialism used to refer to yourself as someone’s father, and Wan Tan Mee translates to wonton noodles.

Man stands at counter of food stall

The Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee team had a few busy nights when they opened for the first time this week. Photo: Zachary Griffith, Botanist Creative.

I visited on their second night at Verity Lane and dove straight into a bowl of their namesake dish: wantan mee.

The dish comprises a large bowl of egg noodles topped with slices of char sui pork, choy sum (Asian greens), and fried pork wantans with a small bowl of clear broth with boiled wantans served on the side.

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There are a few different chilli condiments to go with your meal. I enjoyed the darker, chilli jam-style sauce mixed in with the noodles, while a fresh chilli paste was a nice contrast to the fried wan tan. It’s a rich dish, with juicy shiitake mushrooms adding an extra layer of umami complexity, so the brightness of the chilli really cuts through.

bowl of noodle soup with meat

Noodle dishes are the specialty of Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee. Photo: Zachary Griffith, Botanist Creative.

The broth is clean and fresh, and it’s nice to have the silky skin of the boiled wantan and the crunch from the fried. The egg noodles are really there as the vehicle for all the other delicious flavours, so feel free to dunk them in the soup, mix through extra chilli paste and customise each bite with a different element of the dish. The contrast of textures keeps this dish engaging all the way down to the last mouthful.

You can also choose the wantan mee as a soup dish, rather than dry noodles, which would be great on a cold day.

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At $15 a serve, this generous portion is outstanding value for money. Hawker-style food in Singapore is typically pretty cheap as many people will dine out every day. The group aims to make their food affordable and easily accessible to Canberrans from all walks of life.

many delicious looking dishes on a table with hands holding chopsticks

Lim Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee serves Singapore hawker food classics. Photo: Zachary Griffith, Botanist Creative.

Also on the menu are other Singapore staples like Duck Noodles and Hainanese Beef noodles and snacks like shiitake spring rolls and chee cheong fun (rice noodle rolls).

Long lines and sold-out dishes in their opening week suggest that Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee is another winning addition to the vibrant flavours of Verity Lane.

Lim Peh Wan Tan Mee is located at Verity Lane Market, Sydney Building, 50 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra. It’s open from 5 pm to 10 pm Tuesday and Wednesday, and from 12 pm until late Thursday to Saturday. It’s closed Sunday and Monday. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Original Article published by Lucy Ridge on Riotact.

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