21 August 2020

Dickson: Canberra’s ultimate foodie destination

| Sophia Brady

Old favourite, Dickson Asian Noodle House still serving up steaming bowls of delicious soup. Photo: Sophia Brady

Flanked by busy Northbourne, Limestone and Majura Avenue, Dickson has always been a bustling hub. As one of Canberra’s earliest suburbs, it has also long held the reputation of having an exciting multicultural dining precinct.

Even though the town centre is looking different these days with new construction and the addition of the light rail, its reputation as Canberra’s long-held go-to place for a good meal is intact.

With old favourite, Dickson Asian Noodle House still serving up steaming bowls of delicious soup coupled with innovators Highroad by ONA coffee and an outdoor food hall featuring street food vendor Brodburger, Dickson proves it is still the ultimate foodie destination.

Food Map

If you have not visited Dickson for a while, a good place to start is at the Woolley Street Project, Food Map. Photo: Supplied.

If you have not visited Dickson for a while, a good place to start is at the Woolley Street Project Food Map.

In October last year the Woolley Street Project, an initiative of the City Renewal Authority, mapped out the restaurants, cafes and eateries in the area to help people navigate their way through the flavours of Dickson. The project identified 12 different cultural cuisine groups across the Woolley Street, Cape Street and Challis Street area – a total of 47 different spots to grab a bite to eat.

Region Media spoke to Todd Wright, a local who has taken on the challenge of visiting all 47 places to find his top picks.

“I took the challenge on to visit all 47 places on the map and can confirm I’ve only got 2 spots left on the list to ‘collect the set’. Okay, I have had a 10-year head start. Some places have even changed owners and opened since the map was installed and I have managed to keep up the pace.”

Here are Todd’s Top 10 Food Map picks:

Trevs @ Dickson

Stop in for dinner and order the seasonal Truffle Pizza followed by a deconstructed truffle cheesecake.

Deconstructed truffle cheesecake

Try a seasonal deconstructed truffle cheesecake at Trevs. Photo: Supplied.

Super Bao

A place to order and try a few dishes including the cracking Pork Bao, Lobster Spring Rolls, Zucchini chips and a Moonsen Beer.

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Pho Quoc

A classic Rare Beef and beef flank Pho with fresh chilli.

My Rainbow Dreams

A great vegetarian lunchtime option is the Marinated Tofu Burger (not strictly on the Food Map but you have also got Au Lac and Utopias).

Good Brother

Fill your belly at lunch with either the Roasted Pork Belly Burger or the Signature Reuben sandwich.

Roasted Pork Belly Burger

Fill your belly at lunch with the Roasted Pork Belly Burger at Good Brother. Photo: Supplied.


An amazing breakfast option is the Smashed Avo with Vegemite Ricotta and poached eggs with a hitman black coffee.

Dickson Asian Noodle House

You can’t go past their famous Jumbo Laksa (1/2 size).

Taj Agra

Another great filling dinner option is the Chicken Curry Lahori and the Garlic Naan.

Tak Kee Roast Inn

Combination Gow Gee with Noodles in Soup with a Tsingtao Beer.

The Canberra Wine House

Post dinner, try a local red wine from Lake George Winery or Shaw Wines and a cheese platter.


Lots of local drops to try at The Canberra Wine House. Photo: Sophia Brady.

If you want to take on your own Food Map challenge, and race Todd to try all 47 places first, you can find the map at both ends of Woolley Street at Dickson.

Original Article published by Sophia Brady on The RiotACT.

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